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SkyDrive, OneNote and IE9

If you try to open a OneNote notebook that is stored in your SkyDrive with OneNote you may get this error message:

Cannot open notebook in OneNote

There are a few possible reasons for this, but if you're using IE9 and you have OneNote 2010 installed the most common ones are:

1. You're using the 64-bit version of IE.  The ActiveX control you need to open OneNote notebooks from SkyDrive doesn't work in the 64-bit IE right now. Open the 32-bit version (IE installs both versions automatically) from your Start Menu and go to SkyDrive from there.

2. You have ActiveX Filtering turned on. That's a new feature in IE9 and if it's on it'll prevent you from being able to open a SkyDrive-hosted notebook in OneNote from Internet Explorer.  If that's the problem you'll see a blue "anti" sign towards the right side of the address bar, like this:

ActiveX is blocked for this site

Click that anti-sign, then click the button to turn off ActiveX Filtering. Don't worry, it'll only be turned off for that particular site.  Then you should be able to open the notebook in OneNote.

Open notebook in OneNote

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