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Tips Archive


There are a number of Add-ins and PowerToys available for Microsoft OneNote (mostly OneNote 2007 and 2010).  On this page we'll try to create a useful catalog of those tools.


  • Canvas for OneNote: An interesting new tool out of Microsoft Office Labs, canvas gives you a new way to interact with your OneNote notebooks.  Keep in mind, this is just a prototype and probably best just for getting the feel for an interesting new interface.
  • Daily Journal for OneNote 2007 - Another great tool from TabletDev.  NOTE: If you're using OneNote 2010 you'll probably have to leave the notebook you're using the Daily Journal add-in with in 2007 format in order for it to work.
  • Import Windows Journal to Onenote - A tool from Lin Wang that imports .JNT files from Windows Journal into OneNote 2007.
  • Notebook Cleaner and Privatizer: Another toy from John Guin. This one removes all author information (including LastModifiedBy) and resets the navigation points in a notebook to the top most page in each section and puts the cursor in the title box of each page.
  • OneNote Search & Replace: A toy from OneNote PM Daniel Escapa. This one fills a much-requested feature gap in OneNote 2007, the ability to search and replace.
  • OneTastic: A collection of tools for OneNote that includes OneCalendar (which lets you see a timeline of your notes), Image Crop, Custom Styles, Pin Favorites to Desktop and more.
  • Sort Pages: A popular feature request is the ability to sort pages into alphabetical order.  This tool does that for OneNote 2007. Note that once you sort them, you can't un-sort them (other than manually dragging and dropping them around)
  • Sort Sections: Another popular feature request.  This one alphabetically sorts sections.
  • Sort Tables: OneNote 2010 only, but this tool says it will give you the ability to do some sorting of tables in OneNote.
  • Word Count: If you really care how many words are on your note page, install this powertoy from Jeff Cardon.  (OneNote 2007; haven't tested it on 2010 but might work)

Creating Content

  • Outlook to OneNote: John Guin has written a nifty tool that will take messages received in Outlook and automatically create OneNote pages from them.  You just have to have a certain word in the subject of the e-mail and the PowerToy does the rest! (naturally Outlook does have to be running and logged in at the time)
  • Template Manager: Another great tool from Jeff Cardon.  Lets you create and apply templates to notebooks and pages.  Totally separate from OneNote's built-in template functionality.  Works with OneNote 2007, haven't tested with 2010.


Math and Equations

  • Table Sum: John Guin is a member of the OneNote test team and one of the more prolific OneNote PowerToy authors. This one will let you add a little basic functionality to OneNote tables by letting you set up a cell that sums the rows above it.  Note that inking is not supported unless you subsequently convert those numbers to text.

Media (Audio & Video)

  • Media Fine Tuner: Tool from Jeff Cardon that let's you adjust the start time of your typed notes so you can re-align them with the audio wherever you like.


  • OneNote GTD Project Template - From Manage This!  Handy template for OneNote 2007 (should work fine in 2010 as well)
  • Calendars - From Microsoft. There are a LOT of calendar templates available but most of them are for Word, PowerPoint or Excel. There are a few for OneNote, however, so if you want to download and play with them...have at it.