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Planning to do a lot of audio recording in OneNote? It's worth it to invest in a decent external microphone. This is the one I have.

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Frequently Asked Questions About OneNote and OneDrive

Q: How Do I Move a Notebook that's in OneDrive?

A: Go to OneDrive in your browser.  Find the notebook.  On the right-end of the file name you should see the "Information" icon (looks like a blue circle with an "i" in it).  Click that and choose "Move".

Q: How Do I Create a Notebook in a Sub-folder on OneDrive? I only see the top-level folders?!!

A: That's a limitation of OneNote and OneDrive currently. You can only create notebooks in the top-level from OneNote. You can try creating your notebook there and then moving the notebook (see above) to a sub-folder, then go to that sub-folder, select the newly moved notebook and choose "Open in OneNote".  That might work. 

Note: You'll want to close the original notebook in OneNote first. (right-click and close in OneNote)

Q: Can I use OneDrive to share notebooks between my home machine and my office machine?

A: Absolutely, yes.

Q: What if my home machine is running OneNote 2007?

A: Absolutely, no.  OneNote 2007 doesn't support OneDrive.  You need OneNote 2010.

Q: Can I Sync my Unfiled Notes Between OneNote and OneDrive?

A: Sort of.  Unfiled Notes will sync to OneDrive IF:

1. You didn't upgrade from a previous version of OneNote

2. You selected "Sync to Web" when you first started OneNote 2010.

(Thanks to John Guin for the tip)

Q: Does the OneNote Web App support ink and drawing?

A: Yesterday that answer was no. Today the answer is sort of. OneNote web app doesn't allow you to draw or use ink, but it DOES now display ink that you create on other devices.

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