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Planning to do a lot of audio recording in OneNote? It's worth it to invest in a decent external microphone. This is the one I have.

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OneNote 2013

There are a ton of Office 2013 previews out there. On this page I'm going to try and highlight a few of the lesser-known or more obscure features that I think you'll really like.

Table Sort

We've had Tables since OneNote 2007 but did you know that you can easily sort the content? In OneNote 2013 just select any column in your table (it doesn't actually matter which column because you're still going to specify the column to sort) then right-click and choose "Table | Sort Selected Rows" or click "Sort" on the Table Tools | Layout tab of the Ribbon.

Sort tables in Microsoft OneNote 2013In the Sort dialog box that appears (see left) tell it which column to sort by (you may have to count to figure out if your column is Column 5 or Column 6 in some cases.

As you can see you can sort in Ascending (1-10; A-Z) or Descending (10-1; Z-A) order. It's not currently possible to do sub-sorts. Sorry.

TIP: If your table has a header row in it you should make sure that you have "Header Row" checked on the Table context menu.

Click OK and your data in the table will resort by the criteria you specified.  Nifty eh?